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By Staff Defence Ltd Posted at 19/06/2019 Training

Staff Defence Ltd conducted a HEAT Refresher course for the media group "Unfold Stories" on June 17th 2019 at our training venue in Onley, near Rugby in the East Midlands. 

The course was a great success, with the team of Staff Defence knowing that we have made a great contribution to the safety and security of the team from Unfold Stories as they continue to make documentary films in hostile locations globally.

The Staff Defence HEAT refresher is run over 1 day, where we refresh your medical skills, hostile location knowledge and provide fully immersive real life scenarios, where you are able to feel the stresses and adrenaline of the problems that may be faced when operating in locations of a fragile or hostile nature.

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Staff Defence Ltd

Staff Defence Ltd is a UK based training company who's instructors and management have all served within the UK Commando forces and conducted consulting operations globally post their Military services.

We pride ourselves on providing real world training geared around the learner and not the instructor. Our passion to make sure that at the end of each course you are fully armed with your new skills and knowledge and confident that you can apply them in whatever situation is thrown at you.

We are based in London UK with our training location situated in Onley near Rugby in the East Midlands. We also have a training location in Winchester county New York State, USA.

We split our courses into 3 categories as below:

  • Travel Safety
    • Hostile Environment Awareness Training, 4 day residential.
    • Hostile Environment Awareness Refresher Training, 1 day.
  • First Aid
    • Emergency First Aid at Work.
    • First Aid at Work.
  • Personal Safety
    • Personal Safety Foundation Level

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