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Screenskills recently wrote a very interesting report as part of the Future Film Skills programme. It assesses the opportunities in the screen industries as well as the predicted skills shortages. You can read the full report here but here are a few highlights and statistics.

UK Screen industries offer massive opportunities for your career

  • There are 24,000 business operating within the screen industries _1.
  • Total turnover is £37.5 billion
  • Number of people in the workforce is 211,000
  • In Film & TV production 50% of workforce is freelance
  • There are significant skills shortages

Employers are having difficulty recruiting

  • 60% of employers say the recruit’s training is partially complete
  • Students are graduating but lacking skills to be employable

Highlighted areas of skills shortages

  • Accountants
  • Line Producers
  • 1st Assistant Directors
  • Series Producers
  • Storyboard artists
  • Animators
  • General Coders
  • VFX
  • Games

The opportunities for a successful career are definitely there for the taking. The screen industries are a vibrant and expanding sector with a strong future. But clearly, there are some problems in matching the workforce’s skills to those needed by employers.

Employers are recognising the need for training of both their staff employees and their freelance workforce. Some provide this in house, but many, especially smaller companies don’t have the resources for training.

Whilst some “on the job” training might be available, it’s clear that, a successful job applicant will have a much better chance if they present themselves to the job opportunity with all the necessary skills to fill that role.

Fortunately, there are many course providers helping to bridge this skills gap either through full time education or short courses. While some course fees are definitely not cheap, they can represent a solid investment for a freelancer or graduate seeking to fine tune their skill set match their next career move.

  • Figures taken from Annual Screenskills Assessment 2019

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