Introduction to cameras for broadcast professionals

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Introduction to cameras for broadcast professionals
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Learn how to film for professional broadcast productions

Introduction to Cameras for broadcast professionals

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There's an awful lot of knowledge needed to be a competent and successful camera operator. The term "camera operator" nowadays covers a wide range of roles from shooting extra footage or B roll as a newly fledged junior researcher or AP all the way through to operating a Sony Venice on a geared head for a Hollywood feature film. If you're at the start of your journey to become skilled with a camera, this class will give you a solid understanding of the basics of camerawork and photography.

It's a 60 minute look at how cameras work and what we need to understand as camera operators if we're going to have a chance at being successful in our careers. This class will explain some of the fundamentals of using a camera to produce footage for professional use and give you the confidence to work on broadcast standard productions.

I'm a firm believer in teaching "understanding". Once we understand the concept of something it suddenly makes complete sense and we can use that knowledge to our advantage. By the end of this class you'll come away with a much deeper understanding and have learned some new skills you can put in to practice straight away.

I won't just teach you the "how", I'll also teach you the "why".

Camera - basics 

  • Types of camera & why we use them
  • Exposure, f stop, shutter, ISO, NDs
  • Colour temperature
  • Sensors
  • Lenses, focal lengths, speed
  • Focus, depth of field


"I've been on a few beginners courses and struggled with the jargon and my confidence with camera has suffered as a result. This hour was a refreshing change - I really understood all the basic concepts. The presentation and use of visual examples to demonstrate the different elements were perfect and so easy to follow. Such a great foundation that I can now build on. Thank you so much"

"Educational and really informative"

"I really enjoyed the session, thank you very much for hosting it! It was a brilliant reminder of a few things I had forgotten. I particularly found talking about fake colour useful as I had not heard of it before and it seems to be a truly excellent tool".

"Very informative, really useful stuff on exposure and F stops"

"Very informative presentation, a bit more time to cover other aspects would have been useful but I appreciate not always possible".

About your tutor

Eric has over 30 years experience as a documentary lighting cameraman in broadcast television. working frequently for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian and many independent production companies as well as a host of business clients including BT, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, Orange, Volvo and Mitsubishi.

Recent credits include:

  • BBC "Green Planet" with David Attenborough
  • BBC "Attenborough and the Giant Elephant"
  • Lion TV "History of the Mongol Empire
  • BBC "Animal Impossible"

He has worked with all types of camera from Super 16mm and DSLRs to Alexas and RED Helium

Eric is also a Screenskills approved mentor.