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Introduction to cameras for broadcast professionals

Recording of live webinar broadcast on 24th April 2021

You simply cannot succeed as a professional film maker in any discipline, be it camerawork, sound recording, camera assisting, producing, directing, continuity, wardrobe, special effects ….. whatever, if you don’t have a good solid knowledge of the basics, the tools, the skills and the techniques you need to do your job well.


By “professional”, I mean someone who can either sell their services, so to a production company on commercials, drama or non scripted TV,  or someone who can make money themselves from their skills, so an independent film maker or content producer.


Our camera training courses range from beginners to advanced masterclasses but we always start with THE BASICS because we believe that having a true and deep understanding of the techniques, both technical and artistic, will empower you to create outstanding work. Once you have all the knowledge and tools at your disposal, you'll be free to concentrate on your craft and deliver exceptional results for your clients.

At the end of this class you'll come away with a much deeper understanding and a new skill that you can put into practice straight away.


"I've been on a few beginners courses and struggled with the jargon and my confidence with camera has suffered as a result. 
This hour was a refreshing change - I really understood all the basic concepts. The presentation and use of visual examples to demonstrate the different elements were perfect and so easy to follow. Such a great foundation that I can now build on. Thank you so much"


"Educational and really informative"


"I really enjoyed the session, thank you very much for hosting it! It was a brilliant reminder of a few things I had forgotten. I particularly found talking about false colour useful as I had not heard of it before and it seems to be a truly excellent tool".


"Very informative, really useful stuff on exposure and F stops"


"Very informative presentation, a bit more time to cover other aspects would have been useful but I appreciate not always possible".

What you'll learn

  • How a digital video camera works
  • Understanding a scene and how your camera sees it
  • 6 "must know" controls for crafting your images
  • What is a "correct" exposure
  • How to get a correct exposure
  • Why f stops really matter
  • When to use neutral density filters
  • Using zebra pattern and false colour to measure exposure
  • Sensor dynamic range and how to use it


Avg. Time

3 - Understanding exposure

  • What is exposure?
  • What is a "correct exposure?
  • How a sensor responds to light
  • Dynamic range & contrast range
  • Gamma curve
  • Over & Under exposure
  • How to judge exposure
  • Exposure by eye
  • Exposure by zebra patterns
  • Exposure by false colours
  • Exposure by light meter

25 minutes

4 - Controlling exposure

How to control your exposure:

  • Iris or Aperture
  • F stops explained
  • Shutter speed
  • Neutral density filter
  • Using light to control exposure

8 minutes

5 - Questions and answers

Q&A session at the end of the live broadcast of this class. First recorded 24th April 2021

18 minutes