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Cezame Music Agency is a key player in production music.

As a sync expert, Cezame Music Agency brings together an across-the-board compendium of artists on the following labels: Cezame, Gum Collections, GMT, Magnetic Records, Art Mélodies, Bibliotheque Production Music, IPM, UBM Media and Ocora Radio France, a worldwide reference of traditional and ethnic music; it also represents a range of classical music catalogues including the prestigious Claves Records label.

In contrast to sound banks, royalty-free music databanks, background music or stock music, we are convinced that music for images is a fully-blown sphere of creation in its own right: first and foremost for the composers we work hand-in-hand with- without their passion and commitment, music would only be an audible backdrop -, but also for the directors, editors, music supervisors and producers.

Because we believe that choosing music and synchronizing it to film is a creative act just like collage is for visual arts, Cezame Music Agency has successfully built its reputation and boasts a highly-distinctive unique position vis-à-vis audiovisual professionals. Music for cinema full-lengh feature films, music for documentaries, for radio, music for television and series, music for advertising and for  web productions, music for videos and for YouTube, music for corporate and promotional films, music for trailers, to name but a few… an inexhaustible catalogue covering all music genres, easily accessible for synchronization thanks to the powerful Cezame Music Agency-designed and developed search engine.

We place the utmost priority on musical content and focus on quality rather than quantity. This is why solving the issue of searching for the music that totally fits your project is but a natural, ever-so essential extension of our craft as a music publisher. Our search engine's extreme performance makes it an indispensable complement to the services we offer our users.

This fast, easy-to-use and highly-accurate tool embracing unique, state-of-the-art features integrates a synonymy algorithm for making queries with one or several keywords, such as styles, feelings, instruments, movements, etc. based on a thesaurus containing thousands of occurrences. Cezame Music Agency's cutting-edge search engine is also the only one of its kind to offer search results ranked by order of relevance.  What is more, you can directly access a recommendation system, designed to suggest other music in line with what you are looking for, via the icon (=).

 Cezame's Hard-Drive, embedded version of the website, is another precious tool which you may freely use when working offline.

Cezame Music Agency, production music library, is also a producer of original music for TV feature films, for cinema full length feature films, and more specifically for documentaries. This twofold activity, harmonizing musical illustration and bespoke music, provides optimal flexibility for soundtrack production and conception and, as such, manage all the music supervision work of a specific project.

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in France and abroad, Cezame Music Agency team offers its expertise and know-how in the field of musical search and advice. As we are fully-aware of the impactful role music plays on images and of our customers' needs, our one-to-one musical advice service and the speed with which we send selections and playlists have become our trademark. We can also provide you with the stems on request, if available.

Independent and firmly off the beaten track, Cezame Music Agency blends artistic originality, a strong sense of customer service and an award-winning requirement for technological excellence Illustrated by our slogan: “Sync Different”.



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