What we do

Who we are

The Media Training Hub is a network of students & professionals who want to learn new skills or build on their existing knowledge.

What we do

We encourage students and professionals working in the screen skills industries to improve their skills and employability by exploring training opportunities

We make access to training easy.

For Students

Finding the right course

With so many courses available across all media disciplines, finding the right one for you is no easy task.

How we help students and professionals

From a 3 year degree course to a 1 day workshop, Media Training Hub helps you quickly see what's available along with course dates, locations & prices.

Keeping standards high

Course providers and trainers who are members of Media Training Hub have to meet our accreditation criteria so you can be confident that you're getting the highest standards of tuition.

Why Media Training Hub?

Media Training Hub is a network of students and professionals who want to learn practical skills from experienced practitioners.

For Trainers & Course Providers

Your passion for teaching

As a course provider, you're passionate about passing on knowledge to improve the skills of people working in media and to raise the overall standard of media production.



You may have heard this term recently in relation to employers struggling to find suitable candidates to fill vacancies. Students are graduating with a Screen Skills or Media qualification but frequently lack either on the job experience or the specific skills to take up a new role and be effective almost from day 1. In short, they’re not immediately “employable”.


Employability is hugely important to the candidate as it significantly increases their chance of being employed and therefore earning an income. For employers, Employability makes it easy for them to engage a new member to their team.


Improving your Employability


Short courses are an efficient and highly effective way of learning specific skills.


Probably not the most exciting modules to add to your CV, but for some employers these are a “must have”:


  • ·       First Aid in the work place
  • ·       Safe working practices
  • ·       Understanding Ethics


Plus there are short courses on almost any media related subject you can think of.


  • ·       Editing, Animation, Drone Pilot, Cinematography, Steadicam, Gimbals
  • ·       Sound recording, Directing, Self shooting, Assistant Director
  • ·       Macro photography, Portraiture, Slow Motion
  • ·       Budgeting, Production Management, Risk Assessment, Hostile Environments
  • ·       Prosthetics & Makeup, Wig Making, Costume
  • ·       1 day to several weeks or months
  • ·       Prices from Free to several thousand £s
  • ·       Taught by experienced professionals
  • ·       Up to date kit and technologies
  • ·       Learn specific skills to fit your career path


How Media Training Hub helps employers & students


The Media Training Hub is a platform which integrates all of these training opportunities and makes them available through a single search portal. Students and working professionals can easily find courses to suit their immediate needs and filter by skills, location and dates.


By making all this accessible we can tap in to the vast resource of talented trainers so that students can tailor a bespoke learning programme which fits with an employer’s requirements. Students can also easily modify their career path as they develop by adding specific skills to their knowledge.